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Fingerprint ID/Face ID/Passcode not working - Sage HR app
Fingerprint ID/Face ID/Passcode not working - Sage HR app

What to do if your ID verification isn't working to access the Sage HR mobile app.

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When you log in on the Sage HR mobile app, if you're prompted to verify your identity with fingerprint ID, Face ID, or a passcode this means you have enabled to use ID verification for the Sage HR app at some point.

You likely enabled this when this page came up when you opened the app previously.

When you enable 'Verify your identity', you must use your phone's verification process when you log into the app. For example for some phones, this might be Face ID, Fingerprint ID, or a passcode that you use for unlocking your phone or accessing certain apps.

Verification not working

Uninstall and reinstall Sage HR app

If your phone's Fingerprint ID/Face ID/passcode isn't working, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Phone settings

If the issue persists you must reset it or turn it off within your phone's settings.

📎NOTE: Your phone's settings, not the Sage HR app settings.

When you turn off Fingerprint or Face ID, the next time you try to log in to the Sage HR app it will likely default to using your phone's passcode to verify your identity. If you disable all phone verification within your phone's settings, including passcodes, then you'll only be asked to enter your email address and password.

📎NOTE: You may be asked for a 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) code if your employer has enabled 2FA for their Sage HR company.

Once you're logged in, you can turn off the requirement to verify your identity for the Sage HR app within the settings of the Sage HR app.

How do I stop needing Fingerprint ID/Face ID/Passcode for the Sage HR app?

Once you're logged in, if you no longer want the Sage HR app to require using your phone's ID verification to log in, you can disable this requirement within the Sage HR app after you successfully log in.

After you disable Verify your identity within the Sage HR app, you'll then only need to enter your email address and password (and maybe a 2FA code), even if you turn on Fingerprint ID/Face ID/Passcode verification back on in your phone's settings

📎NOTE: This only affects ID verification for the Sage HR app, not other apps or your phone in general.

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