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Sage HR app functionality
Sage HR app functionality

Features available within the Sage HR app and the differences between Android and iOS.

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Below are the features available on the Sage HR mobile app. If it's not listed, you can only use that functionality on the Sage HR website.

Mobile app features




View and download online payslips*

View announcements

View/Enter/Edit timesheets

Clock in

View and submit time off requests

View Calendar

See when colleagues are OOO on the calendar

Switch companies

View and submit expenses

Show expenses custom fields

Respond to surveys

Give feedback

Send quick feedback

View/Update/Complete goals

View and edit employment details in employee profile

View and edit personal information in employee profile

View emergency contacts in employee profile**

View Bank Accounts in employee profile*

View documents***

Accept or decline documents

Upload and remove documents**

View shifts

View and edit 1-to-1 meetings

Book 1-to-1 meetings

Sign off 1-to-1 meetings

Enable Face ID, Fingerprint or passcode verification

View approval-based tasks****

* Integration with Sage 50 Payroll UK/CA/US, and Sage Business Cloud Payroll UK/CA/ZA

** You can only edit on the website version of Sage HR

*** You can only view and sign signable documents on the website version of Sage HR

**** Only time off, expense, surveys & feedback, 121s, and approve/sign document notifications appear on the homescreen on the mobile app.

iPhone vs Android

You may notice that some mobile app features are only available for iOS and not on Android. This is due to the complexity of Android systems being on a much wider range of mobile devices.. which means it takes longer to develop the app for Android than it does for iOS.

Rather than make customers wait for a feature to be on both iPhones and Androids, we want our customers to be able to use it on iOS as soon as it is ready.

All features that are currently unavailable on Android are being developed and we hope to make them available soon. In the meantime, if you or a member of your staff is unable to do something on Android, log in to the website version of Sage HR instead.

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