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Find the answers you need about Sage HR in our dedicated knowledgebase for our South Africa users.

Written by Thandiwe Khoza
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Our knowledgebase has hundreds of articles available at your fingertips to provide you the answers you need when it comes to regular processes and troubleshooting in Sage HR.

These articles are available for you 24/7, and anyone can have access to them.

We'll run you through how easy it is to find the answer you need.

How do I get to the knowledgebase?

On the top right in your Sage HR click Help or visit

How do I find the answer I need?

There are two ways to find the article you need. You can either use the search bar and type in what you are looking for:

Alternatively, all our articles are categorised into collections and sections, so you can browse through these collections to find the article you need or are interested in.

Providing feedback

At the bottom of every guide, you have a choice of reactions. This tells us if you found it helpful or not.

If you do find it helpful, we do appreciate you letting us know that it is hitting the mark.

If you don't find a guide helpful, if you start a chat please let our experts know in the chat what you were looking for, why it didn't help, and what improvements you think it needs.

This helps us to help you and all our other Sage HR customers going forward.

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