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View employee payslips and P60s - Sage Payroll integration
View employee payslips and P60s - Sage Payroll integration

How to view your employees' payslips and P60s in Sage HR Essentials after they're published from Sage Business Cloud Payroll (UK only).

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When you upload employees' payslips or P60s from Sage Payroll (Sage Business Cloud Payroll), they are available to view in Sage HR Essentials. As well as appearing in an employee's profile, you can view all published employee payslips and P60s in a dedicated payslips dashboard.

📎NOTE: These steps are for Sage Payroll integration. If you use Sage 50 Payroll, use our alternative guide.

View all payslips and P60s

You can view all of your uploaded payslips and P60s, both those that have been published or scheduled to be published on a future date.

📎NOTE: You must be an admin with access to view other employees payslips.

  1. Log in to Sage HR Essentials as an admin user.

  2. On the main menu on the left, click Payslips.

  3. You're then presented with a list of all your employees' payslips in order of the most recent publish date.

    The page defaults to payslips, to view P60s, click P60s at the top.

Payslip/P60 details


Details you can see on the payslip page include:

  • Employee name

  • Employee email

  • Pay date

  • Gross pay

  • Tax paid

  • Net pay

  • Publish date


Details you can see on the P60 page include:

  • Employee name

  • Employee email

  • Tax year - e.g. 2021/2022

  • Publish date - This is the date the P60 was uploaded, ready for employees to view

If you click on a P60, you can see more details.

Filter payslips/P60s

By default, you see all uploaded payslips/P60s for all employees. You can filter this by employee, date range, and status.

Filter by employee

In the search bar enter the name of the employee.

Filter by date range

  1. Click Filter.

  2. Under date range click on the drop-down arrow.

  3. You have three options to filter by date:

    • All time

    • This month

    • Custom date range

  4. Click Apply.

Now only payslips/P60s in the selected date range show.

Download payslips/P60s

Download one payslip

Click on a payslip, then click Download PDF.

Alternatively click on the checkbox next to one payslip on your list, then click Download as PDF.

Download multiple payslips

If you want to download more than one payslip or P60, this is simple to do.

Tick the payslips you want to download.

📌TIP: To save you time, you can select all payslips/P60s listed in one go. Just tick the box at the very top next to Name, or click Select all [number] payslips. Don't forget, you can filter the amount of payslips listed.

Once all the payslips you want to download are selected you can either click Download as PDF or Download as ZIP.

  • To download the payslips so they show in one PDF, click Download as PDF

  • To download the payslips as individual PDFs, click Download as ZIP

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