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Set up direct deposit in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)
Set up direct deposit in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)

How to set up direct deposit in Sage Payroll - Canada only

Written by Wayne Pickard
Updated over a week ago

What is direct deposit?

Direct deposit is an electronic transfer of money from one bank account to another.

Use direct deposit to pay your employees from Sage Payroll, replacing the need to issue payments by paper cheque, cash, or manual funds transfer through your bank.

Complete a one-time set up to safely transfer money to your employees' bank accounts via VoPay, our trusted payment partner, each time you complete a pay run.

VoPay connects to the bank account you use to pay your employees.

Your VoPay account application is checked by their compliance team to ensure they comply with Canadian regulatory policies such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Set up direct deposit in Sage Payroll

To pay your employees via direct deposit, you need to:

  • Create your account with VoPay and connect your bank account.

  • Change the payment method for your employees and add their bank details.

  • Process the payments at the end of your pay run.

Create your VoPay account

To complete the VoPay account application, you need to provide:

  • Business details - for example, the legal business name and address of your company.

  • Ownership structure.

  • Signing Authorities.

  • Supporting and contact information.

  • Bank account and billing details.

📌TIP: Your progress is automatically saved as you complete each section of the VoPay application form.

You can complete the entire form right away or come back later to finish the rest.

  1. Select Payments.

  2. Select Learn more and set up direct deposit.

  3. Enter your Name and Email address.

  4. Select Create VoPay account.
    You are directed to the VoPay application form.

  5. Select Start application form to begin entering your information, starting with your business details.

    📌 TIP: If you do not complete the form or want to continue it later, select Payments, then Complete setup. A window will confirm the steps you have completed.

    To continue filling in the application form select Continue creating VoPay account.

  6. Select Submit when you've completed all of the sections on the application form.

    You will receive a message that reads:

Thank you! 

Your Client Application Form has been successfully submitted to our Compliance department.
Our team will be in contact with you once your application has been reviewed.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

📎NOTE: The compliance checks are essential in ensuring VoPay comply with Anti-Money Laundering policies in Canada and should take no longer than two to three working days.

VoPay will send you an email when the checks are complete, with details of any other steps you may need to complete.

When the application compliance check is complete

When VoPay have completed their compliance check and your application has been successful, VoPay will email you with confirmation.

  1. To view the status in Sage Payroll, select Payments.
    A status indicator will show Account Setup complete.

How to fix problems with your VoPay application

If VoPay finds an issue with your application, you will receive an email with details of the changes they need you to make.
If you have any issues with your application, contact VoPay support.

Next steps

To submit direct deposit payments, add your employee bank details and then submit the payments at the end of your pay run.

To learn how to set up and verify your employee bank details, read our Set up employees for direct deposit in Sage Payroll article.

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