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How to give a team manager only 'read-only' access.

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When you add a team manager, you can give them 'read-only' access.

📎NOTE: This isn't available if you have Sage HR's new permissions enabled. If you have, you can create a role that replicates the permissions of a 'read-only' manager.

Read-only managers can see employee data, but they can't see outstanding time off requests. This is useful if you have higher-level managers who need access to their sub-team data, but don't need to be involved in leave management.

Read-only team managers can edit employee details like any other team manager.

If you don't yet have the new permissions, follow the steps below.

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  1. Edit your team via Company, then the Teams tab.

  2. Select the employee you want to add as team manager.

  3. Select Read-only manager.

  4. Click Add manager, then click Save.

The employee now appears as a re-adonly manager.

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