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Configure WCB rates in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)
Configure WCB rates in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)

This article explains how to set Workers Compensation Board (WCB) rates and exemptions in Sage Payroll (Canada only)

Written by Wayne Pickard
Updated over a week ago

What is WCB?

When an employee cannot work because of an employment-related injury, a WCB (Workers' Compensation Board) may award benefits as compensation for lost wages.

WCB's can cover many of the costs associated with hospitalization, including ambulance costs, hospital accommodations, and spousal benefits.

Some provinces refer to this as WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).

You can enter the rates and exemptions for WSIB using the WCB fields in Sage Payroll.

Canada's WCB and WSIB rates vary depending on the province or territory, as each jurisdiction has its own workers' compensation system and rate structure.

The rates are determined using factors such as the industry type, the level of risk associated with the job, the company's claims history, and the overall performance of the workers' compensation system in that region.

For more information about the Workers' Compensation Boards in Canada, access the Canadian Centre For Occupational Health And Safety (CCOHS) website.

How to enter a WCB rate or exemption in Sage Payroll

  1. From Payroll, select the Employee tab.

  2. Select an employee's name to open their record.

  3. Select the Tax Details tab.

    At the bottom of the tax details are two fields relating to the WCB rate:

    • Select the Exempt from withholding check box If you are exempt from withholding WCB for this employee.

      📎NOTE: If you believe you might be eligible for an exemption from withholding WCB, you must check with the relevant Workers' Compensation Board in your province or territory.

    • Enter a value into the WCB rate field.
      If you select the choose to exempt this employee, the system will not calculate the WCB even if you enter a rate.

      📌 TIP: To get the most up-to-date WCB rates for a specific province or territory in Canada, visit the official website of the Workers' Compensation Board or Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for that region.

  4. Select Save and close employee to save the changes you've made.

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