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Sage HR Newsletter - April 2023
Sage HR Newsletter - April 2023

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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We're a quarter of the way through year, and with that we thought it would be handy to share some best practice with you from recent months.

In this newsletter we cover how you can send announcements to specific employees, set up multi-week working patterns, check the status of employees logging in, and how you can keep up to date with the latest updates and product improvements.

Send Announcements to specific employees

Announcements is a useful tool to communicate important news to people within your company. Think of it as a digital noticeboard. Previously it was only possible for an Announcement to be seen by all users in your company in Sage HR. Now you can create an Announcement and choose for it to only be seen by certain people.

This is very handy if for example you want to share something that only applies to a certain team.

Working patterns that differ over multiple weeks

Not every business has staff work a working pattern that repeats every week. For example, you may have staff work a shift pattern that repeats every two weeks, or they have an eight-week cycle working four days on, four days off.

The multi-week patterns feature is an ideal way to deal with these kinds of working patterns.

Check if an employee has logged in

When you add an employee to Sage HR, they are sent a welcome email to set up their access to log in. After they set up their access, they automatically log in for the first time. One of the biggest causes for employee login issues is when an employee hasn't set up this access and tries to log in.

You can use the Access logs report to see which employees haven't logged in yet. If you see them on this report, this indicates they haven't set up their access from their welcome email. We recommend you check this report regularly after setting up an employee and remind them to do this as soon as possible. This is to avoid them contacting you later about not being able to log in.

📌TIP: You can resend employees a welcome email from this report.

Keep up to date with all the latest features

If you want a summary of all the latest features and updates, you can find this all in one place.

Just click on our What's new? collection in our knowledgebase or search 'What's new in Sage HR?'.

This guide provides a list of updates and new features each month.

Help us to help you

To help us improve our knowledgebase, whenever a guide has helped you or provided you the answer you were looking for, let us know by clicking the happy face 😃 at the bottom of that guide.

If you ever start a chat after using our guides, please do let us know in the chat what we could do to make the guide better. Any feedback you have is always incredibly valuable to us. Information we find useful is:

  • What were you looking for?

  • What search terms did you use?

  • What could be made better about the guide?

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