Create and Edit employees in Sage Payroll and HR (ZA)

This article will show you how to create and edit an employee to Sage Payroll (South Africa only).

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Employees in Sage Payroll - ZA are a record of your employee's personal details, including their employment information and everything to do with their pay. You can create and edit these records from the Employee tab.

Create an employee

You should have an employee record for everyone you pay. You can't include someone on a pay run without an employee record so it's important you set up all your employees first.

To add a new employee:

  1. From the Employee tab, select Add New Employee.
    If this is the first employee to be loaded then the employee tab will load directly into add new employee screen.

  2. The add employee details screen consists of eight tabs. Enter the employee's details on each of the tabs (if applicable to the employee), then select Save.

    If you've missed some information or some of it wasn't valid, you'll get a message explaining what you need to do.

The employee record has lots of standard information you can ask the employee to provide for you. We've explained the options that are less common below:

Pay Run Specific Details

Employee type

Select from Asylum Seeker, Natural Person, Personal Service Provider or Refugee.
Most employees will be classed as a Natural Person, which means they are permanent resident.

A Personal Service Provider (PSP) means any company (or trust), where:

  • Services are rendered personally by any person regarded as connected to the Company,

  • And such a person would be regarded an employee of the client

  • OR duties are performed mainly at the premises of the client AND subject to control or supervision by the client

  • OR where more than 80% of income is derived from a single client except where such a company, throughout the year of assessment employs at least three or more full-time employees

Employee Code

Employee codes are your reference number for your employees.

Tax Start Date

This date will either be the employee start date – or in the event where the employee’s start date is in a previous tax year it will revert to the start of the current tax year.

Tax Status

The statuses available are based on the Employee type you've entered. If you're unsure what to enter, you should contact SARS or your tax practitioner.


RSA ID Number

This is needed for employee identification that is essential for tax, OID and UIF submissions.

Work Telephone Number

This is a required field for tax submissions.


Income Tax Reference Number

This is the employee's tax reference number that they have been issued by SARS

Standard Industry Classification

Please reach out to your tax practitioner if you're unsure of the employee’s SIC code.

Exclude from UIF

Please reach out to your tax practitioner to see if this employee meets the requirements to be excluded.

Exclude from SDL

Please reach out to your tax practitioner to see if this employee meets the requirements to be excluded.

Exclude from OID Report

Please reach out to your tax practitioner to see if this employee meets the requirements to be excluded.

Exclude From Tax Certificate Submission

If an employee did not receive any income within the tax year, or if you will be processing a manual certificate for an employee. If you are uncertain, please reach out to your tax practitioner for confirmation.

Employment Tax Incentive

Select these options as appropriate to find out whether the employee qualifies for ETI. If you're unsure whether to select an option, please reach out to your tax practitioner or SARS.

This screen will also show you if the employee has passed the ETI criteria.

If this employee has been employed in this company before – you can

Edit an employee

To change an existing employee's details:

  1. From the Employee tab, select the employee you want to edit.

  2. You can then select whether to edit the Employee Details or their Payslip Template Values.

Employee Details

Edit the employee information as required, then select Save.

Note: Changes to employee information do not affect completed pay runs.

Payslip Template Values

Add, edit, or delete items from the employee's default payslip.

You can then save the changes to the employee's personal template or to the template for their pay group.

Note: If you save the changes to the pay group template, they affect all employees in the pay group from the next pay run.

Changes to an employee and pay group templates do not affect complete pay runs

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