You can give your colleagues, accountant or bookkeeper access to your payroll data. This is helpful if they need to run reports, process pay runs and edit employee information.

To give additional users access to manage Payroll:

  • Add the user as an employee in Sage HR.

  • Edit their Sage HR record to allow them to access and manage Sage Payroll.

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper, you can use these steps to add your client and give them access to Payroll.

If you would like to view a video of this process, you can access that below:

How to add a user

The first step for giving a user access to manage Payroll is to create an employee record for them in Sage HR.

  1. Select Company from the menu options on the left side of the screen to view a list of your current employees.
    📎 Note: If you want to give access to an existing user, read the How to give a user access to Payroll steps below.

  2. To create a new user Select Add, at the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Enter the user's First name, Last name, Work email and Employee start date.

  4. Select the Send welcome email check box, then select Create account.

  5. In the Account settings window, complete any of the additional fields you'd like to record about the user.
    For example, the Time off policy they are entitled to, their Position, and who approves their time off requests.

    📌 Tip: To save the record, you need to choose at least one option in the Select which employees will be approving time off requests for this employee section.

  6. Select Save.

How to give a user access to Payroll

Before you can complete these steps, the user needs to accept the invite in the welcome email you sent when you created their record in Sage HR.

When the user has accepted the invite:

  1. Select Company, then select the user you want to give access to.

  2. Change the Access level to Administrator.

  3. Tick the Access & manage payroll check box at the bottom of the employee record.

    📎 Note: This option activates the user's access to the entire payroll system.
    You can remove their access at any time by clearing the check box.

  4. Select Save.

How a user can access Sage Payroll

When a user has been given access, they can open Sage Payroll using the app selector at the top of the Sage HR window.

  1. Select HR at the upper left corner of the Sage HR screen.

  2. Select Payroll.

How to add users who already have access to a different Sage Payroll and HR account

If you try to add a user who already has access to a different Sage Payroll and HR account, you may see the error:

"Email already taken, if you think this has happened by mistake please contact support"

To resolve this, add the user as an employee in Sage Payroll instead of adding them to Sage HR.

When you add the user to Payroll, a new record will automatically appear in Sage HR so you can activate their access.

To add an employee to Payroll:

  1. Select Employee, then Add new employee.

  2. Complete all fields on the Pay run specific details tab marked with an asterisk *.
    📌 Tip: You can enter the mandatory fields on the Pay run specific details tab now and enter the information on the other tabs later.

  3. Select Save and close employee.

For help activating the user's access to Payroll, Read the How to give a user access to Payroll steps above.

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