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Potential time off misuse

Run a report to identify potential misuse of time off.

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In Sage HR there is a report available to help you identify potential sick leave abuse. Sick leave abuse can be defined as any misrepresentation of the actual reasons for charging an absence to sick leave. This can include chronic, persistent, or patterned use of sick leave.

How to get to this report

  1. Click Reports, then Time off.

  2. Click Potential time off misuse.

What information can you see?

This report shows employees on a specific time off policy the employees who have requested time off under certain conditions:

  • Time off requests next to a public holiday - When a start date or end date is next to a public holiday. For example, someone takes sick leave the day after Monday bank holiday.

  • Time off requests next to a weekend - Start date or end date is next to a weekend. For example, someone takes sick leave on a Friday or a Monday.

  • Time off requests made in an 8-week period.

How to run the report

  1. Select a specific policy.

  2. You can then filter by employees.

  3. Select the period you want to analyse.

  4. Select the Potential misuse pattern you're looking for.

  5. Run the report. You can also download it to excel.

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