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Tax and other expense adjustments - Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)
Tax and other expense adjustments - Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)

This article explains how to adjust taxes and other expenses in a current pay run. (Canada only).

Written by Wayne Pickard
Updated over a week ago

Understanding adjustments

When processing a pay run, you may need to adjust taxes or other expense types if:

  • The tax or expense options selected for an employee were incorrect

  • An employee provided you with incorrect information

  • The tax or expenses taken before you converted to Sage Payroll were incorrect

  • A taxable benefit was not added for an employee. For example, a car allowance

How to adjust tax and other expense amounts in a current pay run

To edit one or more of the tax and other expenses amounts:

  1. Select Pay Runs, then Process Pay Run.

  2. Select the employee whose amounts you need to adjust.

  3. Select the Pay Run values tab.

  4. Select the Edit taxes and other expense amounts check box.
    A prompt explains how this affects the calculated amounts.

    Image of the edit banner which displays the text: You’re editing amounts which may impact this employee’s taxes, year to date values, and reports. When editing taxes, changes to the employee’s earnings, benefits, allowances, and deductions will not automatically recalculate any tax and other expenses amounts. Switch back to auto-calculated amounts at any time by clearing the check box.

📌TIP: If you have entered amounts for Earnings, Benefits and allowances or Deductions, Sage Payroll has calculated the taxes and other expenses for you.

5. Scroll down to tax and other expenses.

6. Enter the new amount into the Edit this amount field.

An Amount edited indicator appears next to an amount you've changed.

Image shows the Amount edited indicator alongside the Edit this amount text where you can input the amount you want to change

7. Select Save and continue.

A Summary of your changes window shows:

  • The name of tax or other expense amounts you changed

  • The original auto-calculated amount

  • The new amount you have entered

    Image of the summary of changes window, confirming the name of any tax and other expense amounts that were changed, showing the Auto-calculated amount and new amount. There are options on the summary window to cancel or confirm.

8. To make further changes, select Cancel, or to proceed with these changes, select Confirm.

You are returned to step 1 of the pay run.

Repeat these steps if you need to change the values of other employees.

9. To complete the pay run, select Review and Submit.

Reports that display adjusted tax and other expense amounts

Adjustments to taxes and other expenses will result in the adjusted amounts appearing on your reports.

For more information about the reporting options, read our Reports in Payroll article.

Revert a completed pay run

To change a completed pay run, use the revert option.
This is ideal if you made a mistake in a pay run or have missed something in a previous pay run but haven't paid employees or distributed pay statements yet.

To revert a completed pay run, read our Correct a pay run article

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