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Sage HR Newsletter - September 2022
Sage HR Newsletter - September 2022

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In this month's newsletter, we provide details on the Bradford Factor report and how it's influenced by how you configure your time off policy settings. We also take a look at how you can provide administrator access to other users in Sage HR, as well as explain how you can automate amending someone's employment status if it is due to change in the near future.

Bradford Factor report

The Bradford Factor is a simple formula that allows companies to apply a relative weighting to employee unplanned absences, such as medical appointments, emergency childcare etc.

In Sage HR there is a report you can use to look at your employees' Bradford Factor score. How this score is measured in your Sage HR company will depend on how you have configured a time off policy.

Our guide provides more details on the Bradford Factor such as what it is, how to view the report, and how your time of the policy settings affect the scores

Give a user administrator access

By default, the person who firsts created and set up your company in Sage HR is an administrator user. This means they have access to see and do everything in the system. Other uses you add to Sage HR by default have the access level of Employee.

If you want someone else to also have administrator access, you can amend their access from 'Employee' to 'Admin'.

Schedule employment status change

There may be times you need to amend an employee's employment status. For example, an employee is going from full-time to part-time working hours. Rather than manually amend their employment status on the day, or retrospectively, you can schedule this change to happen.

Once set, on the scheduled date, the employee's employment status automatically changes.

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