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Do I have the Core HR module? - Sage 50 Payroll integration
Do I have the Core HR module? - Sage 50 Payroll integration

How to tell whether you have the additional Core HR module if you use Sage HR Online Services.

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Sage HR Online Services is used as an online portal where employees can access their payslips and P60s online at any time. One of the benefits of Sage HR Online Services is its integration with Sage HR modules, including Core HR. This module includes features such as online documents, an announcement tool, automated onboarding, and much more.

If you're unsure whether you have the Core HR module activated, it's easy to check.

Check your main menu

The quickest way to tell that you have the Core HR module is by looking at your left-hand main menu in Sage HR Online Services.

By default, Core HR users have Announcements and Documents switched on, which therefore show listed in the main menu. If you see either of these options show, then you know you use the Core HR module.

📎NOTE: If you don't see these options, this doesn't necessarily mean you don't have the module. These features can be switched off in settings by an admin. You can check your Billing settings explained in the section below to confirm that you don't subscribe to the HR module.

Check your Billing settings

Another way to check if you have the Core HR module is in the Billing settings.

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Billing.

Here you can see the Sage HR modules you currently subscribe to.

If you subscribe to the Core HR module, you will see CoreHR + Leave Management selected.

📎NOTE: If you are a Sage 50 Package customer, you have the Core HR module included in your package, which is why you will see Core HR by itself, unable to be deselected, and labeled 'Included as standard'.

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