Understanding e-payments

When your employer processes a pay run, they can choose to send e-payments to you using our payment provider, Checkbook.io.

Your employer's account with Checkbook.io lets them send money to you securely. You don't need to create an account with Checbook.io.

You will receive an email from checkbook.io at least four business days before your pay date.

The email shows the payment amount and options to deposit the payment into your bank.

Future payments will be automatically deposited to the same bank account, but this can be changed if needed.

Receiving e-payments

You can deposit e-payments into your bank by:

  • Direct deposit, using your online banking details.

  • Printing the cheque to deposit at a branch of your bank or by mobile deposit (if available).

    To receive payments, follow the steps below, or watch our video:

Direct Deposit

Use this method to receive a payment into a business or personal bank account.
To keep your data secure, you'll need to verify your bank details by either:

  • Instant verification, using your online banking login details.

  • Manual verification using your Transit, Institution and account numbers.

  1. From the email, select View deposit options.

  2. From the Direct Deposit section, select Deposit.

  3. Select the type of bank account you will receive the money into - Business or Personal.

  4. Check the box when you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

    For added security, you are sent a verification code

  5. Enter your phone number and select to receive the code via text message or phone call.

  6. Enter the code and select Verify.

To verify your bank account instantly, enter your online banking credentials. To verify it manually, enter your routing and account numbers.

Instant verification

📎NOTE: The credentials go directly to your bank account and are not stored when entered.

  1. Select Instant Verification.

  2. Enter the name of your bank, then select Submit.

    A popup window confirms how Checkbook.io uses Plaid to encrypt the data you’ve chosen to share.

  3. To confirm you agree with the Plaid end-user privacy policy, select Continue.

  4. Enter your online banking credentials as requested, then select Submit.

    📌 TIP: If your bank uses multi-factor authentication, you may need to enter your phone number to receive a security code from your bank.

    1. Enter your phone number and select Continue.

    2. When you have entered the code, select Submit.

      A success prompt confirms you have linked to Checkbook.io.

  5. Select Continue to complete the process.

Manual verification

📎 NOTE: You will need your routing and account numbers for manual verification.
You can find these at the bottom of a cheque in your paper chequebook.

  1. Select Manual verification.

  2. Enter your Transit number and Institution number, then select Submit.

  3. For an example of where to find these on your chequebook, select Where can I find this information?

  4. Enter your account number.

  5. Select the account type, then select Submit.
    A success prompt confirms the receipt of the payment and the date the funds will appear in your bank account.

  6. Select Done.

    All future payments emailed to you will be automatically deposited in the same bank account.

Print and deposit

Use this method to print a cheque.

Deposit printed cheques at a branch of your bank or via mobile deposit (if available).
If you use this option, you will no longer be able to deposit this payment online.

To deposit the payment using Print and deposit:

  1. From the email you received, select view deposit options.

  2. From the Print and deposit section, select Print.

    A prompt advises that if you use the print option, you will no longer be able to deposit this payment online.

  3. To continue, select Yes, I'm sure.

  4. On the print cheque screen that appears, select Download PDF.
    📌 You can only download the PDF 5 times.
    If the print cheque page does not appear, disable popup blockers on your browser.

    When the download is complete, this message appears:
    "Your cheque downloaded successfully! Please check your downloads folder."

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