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Migrate from Sage 50 to Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)

How to move your data from Sage 50 Canadian Edition to Sage HR & Payroll (Canada)

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Migration can save time if you need to enter information for lots of employees and can reduce processing errors.

You can also watch a video demonstration of this process:

Before you start the migration process, make sure:

  • Sage 50 is installed on the computer that you're using for the migration.

  • Each employee in Sage 50 has an email address and a hire date. Without a hire date, Sage HR will use the export date as your employee's start date.

Export the data from Sage 50 Canadian Edition

You can download the migration tool from here:

  1. After downloading the tool, select Run.

  2. Review and agree to the terms and conditions, then select Install.

  3. At the end of the installation, select Launch.

  4. Select you are migrating from, Sage 50, and to Sage HR, then Next.

  5. Review the information provided about the upcoming migration, then select Next.

  6. Browse to your company file, select the Sage 50 file with a .SAI format, then, Next.

  7. Confirm the file name and location and enter your sysadmin password, then, select Next.

  8. Review the information about your Sage 50 company, then click Next.

  9. Select the employee records that you would like to export, then, Next.

  10. Browse to the location where you would like to export the migration file, then select Next.

  11. If you need to make changes, click Back. When you’re ready, click Create.

If you browse to the location of the export, you can find a summary report, and an Excel file which can be imported into Sage HR. You can also open this file to review the data that will be imported.

Import the data to Sage HR

To import your employees, you first need to log into Sage HR.

  1. From within Sage HR, select Company.

  2. From the top-right corner, select Import.

  3. Browse to the file you exported using the migration tool.

  4. Select which policies should be added to the imported employees, then Import.

  5. You can then add any missing information to your employees as required.

For help editing your employees, see our Create and edit an employee article.

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