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How do I contact support for Sage HR and Sage Business Cloud Payroll? (Canada)
How do I contact support for Sage HR and Sage Business Cloud Payroll? (Canada)

Information on how to contact the technical support team for Sage HR and Sage Payroll via live chat - (Canada only).

Written by Michelle Hoon
Updated over a week ago

We offer support to you for both Sage HR and for Sage Payroll.

Our support for Sage HR is related to anything to do with the Sage HR modules, such as Core HR, Leave Management and Timesheets, etc.

Our support for Sage Payroll is for anything that is processed within your payroll software, including queries you have about processing payroll and managing online payslips.

If you ever can't find the answer you're looking for from within our knowledge bases, then you can reach out to us through live chat.

How to start a chat

  1. Click Help in the top right corner of the product.

  2. Relevant to which software your query is regarding, click on HR Knowledge base or Payroll Knowledge base.

    This is where you can search for an answer to your query from hundreds of available articles.

  3. If you can't find what you're looking for, click Chat with our support team to send us a message.

Once we connect you to a member of our team, you can talk to an agent in real-time using this live chat feature.

You can always come back to this window to review your currently active chats or previous ones.

Your feedback is important to us

From your account, if you have any suggestions for improvements, you can provide feedback to us when you log out from Sage Payroll.

You can also send us your comments via the link below:

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