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How do I contact support for Sage HR and Sage Business Cloud Payroll? (Canada)
How do I contact support for Sage HR and Sage Business Cloud Payroll? (Canada)

Information on how to contact the technical support team for Sage HR and Sage Payroll via live chat - (Canada only).

Written by Michelle Hoon
Updated over a week ago

We offer support to you for both Sage HR and Sage Payroll.

Below, we explain the different support options, how they work, and what we suggest to use depending on the nature of your Sage query.

Our support for Sage HR is related to anything in the Sage HR modules, for example, Core HR, Leave Management and Timesheets.

Our support for Sage Payroll is for anything processed within your payroll software, including queries you have about processing payroll and managing online payslips.

If you ever can't find the answer you're looking for from within our knowledge bases, you can contact us through live chat.

Available support

Below are our support options; select any of the headers to read more details.

Sage HR and Payroll knowledge base

This is your online, searchable Sage HR knowledge base covering regular processes, hints, tips, and troubleshooting.

How do I get there?

On the top right, when you're logged into your Sage HR company, select Help or visit

📌TIP: Some of our guides are translated into other languages, such as French. You can Select the Language drop-down at the top right corner of the screen to access a translated version of the guide you are reading.

What type of queries works best here?

Search for keywords or subjects you need help with to find articles that will guide you through the process.
Available online 24/7, we add new articles regularly.

📌TIP: If the article solves your problem, please select the emoji 😃 at the bottom of the article to let us know it was helpful.

Who can use this?

This service is free for anyone to use.

Sage chat support

Our chat option is how you can contact Sage HR support.
Use this when you're in the Sage HR knowledgebase or logged into your Sage HR company.

If you can't find your answer from the options provided by our virtual assistant, you'll be passed to one of our experts.
Enter your query when prompted, and they'll answer your questions live during our support hours.

Our chat will let you know if you're trying to contact us outside of these hours and when they'll be back.

📎NOTE: If your support query relates to integration with Sage payroll software, you will be directed to contact the support for that payroll software.
For example, Sage 50 Payroll support.

How do I get there?

Select the speech bubble on the bottom right of your Sage HR page.

Icon for the Sage chat support button. The icon is a green circle with a white speech bubble with a smile emoji

The speech bubble then expands into the chat window.
To start a conversation, select Send us a message.

This image shows a screen shot of the support chat window. The window has the text Hi Tech with a waving hand emoji followed by How can we we help?. Under that a message reads "Send us a message We'll be back online in 30 minutes"

📌TIP: If you select Messages, you can see all your previous chat interactions with Sage HR support. You can also select Send us a message here to start a new chat.

A list is shown for the previous chats indicating the reason for the chat, for example: Adding employees and Amend employee details. The Sage support staff members name or department is listed with a time to indicate how long ago the chat took place, for example 5d ago and 4w ago.

Who can use this?

This Sage HR online chat is free and available for anyone to use.

📎NOTE: If you aren't an admin user, you may not have access to Sage HR support, and may be advised to contact your employer.
Their admin user can contact us if they can't resolve your issue.

Sage University.

Sage University is the ultimate resource for all your Sage HR training needs.
You can choose the courses and learning methods that best suit your business and learning style.

How do I get there?

2. Select your country.

3. Log in / Or create a Sage University profile.

4. Select your topic of interest to start learning.

Does training cost?

All e-learning/anytime learning Sage HR training on Sage University is free.

Who can sign up for training?

Anyone can take Sage HR training.

Need help with Sage University?

For help navigating Sage University, email [email protected].

Your feedback is important to us

From your account, if you have any suggestions for improvements, you can provide feedback to us when you log out from Sage Payroll.

You can also send us your comments via the link below:

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