It is possible to manually add a clock in or out entry. Typically this would be done if an employee forgot to clock in themselves.

Employees can do this too themselves if enabled from within your Clocking in settings,

Before you start

Please be aware of the following:

  • This option must be enabled within your Timesheets settings - Read more >

  • An admin or employee can add an entry only when the timesheet is unsubmitted.

  • The new added entry can't overlap an existing entry.

  • The new entry can't be created while the user has an entry ongoing.

  • This can't be done on the Sage HR app.

How to add a manual clock entry

  1. Click Timesheets on the main menu or on your profile menu and go to the relevant time sheet

  2. Click on the relevant day.

  3. Click Add clock entry

    📎NOTE: If the clock is currently running you can't add a new entry for the current day until clock in day is finished i.e. you've clocked out for end of shift today.

  4. Enter a Clocked in time.

    1. If you or the employee has a break, enter when they clocked out for their break.

    2. To clock back in when the break finished, click Add clock entry again, under Clocked in enter when break ended, then enter clock out time of end of shift.

  5. When finished manually adding the clock in, click Save changes.

    The Timesheet hours are updated both on the timesheet, and if you click on the day.

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