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Sage HR Newsletter - June 2022
Sage HR Newsletter - June 2022

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This month we look at how you can create a field in employees' profiles to record their bank account details. You can even set up a recipe to make sure your payroll admin is notified that these bank details have been amended.

We also provide some tips on how you can organise group together uploaded documents, and what you should check if an employee is ever having an issue logging in.

Let's take a look.

Create a bank account details field in employee profiles

Even though there is no field in an employee's profile to document their bank details by default, you can create a custom field for this.

Once created this could be set up so that the employee can amend it themselves and for someone to be notified when it has been amended. This helps make sure people in your company are aware bank details need to be updated in your payroll software.

Document categories

When you upload documents you can assign a document a category. If you want to create new categories to move documents into this is easy to do.

Got an employee having an issue trying to log in?

If an employee has contacted you to inform you that they are having trouble logging in, we've created a guide for you so you can make some checks to get to the cause of why they can't log in.

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