When you try to log in to Sage HR Online Services via your company's unique workspace URL, for example, cityhotel.sage.hr/signin, you are only asked to enter your email address.

When you enter an email address you may get the following message.

Your email address wasn't recognized

If you get this message, this is because of the following:

  • You've entered the wrong email address for this company account.

  • You've been terminated and/or deleted

Check your email address

Check you are using the correct email address for this company. This is the email address that received the welcome email and may be receiving notifications about payslips being ready to view.

If you're aren't sure what email your employer has set you up with, contact them directly to check.

Check if you've been terminated or deleted

The email address might not be recognized because your profile has been terminated and deleted. Check with your employer whether you still exist in their company.

If you've been terminated, you only have access to log in up to a year depending on your company's settings.

If you've been deleted you can longer log in.

If you require further support with this issue you must contact your employer. Your payroll or HR admin has access to contact Sage technical support if required.

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