If an employee informs you that they can't see their previous payslips, for example they can't see their payslips from last year or from March and April, there are some checks you should make.

Confirm which payslips they can't see

Check with your employee which payslips they can't see. Is it all of then? From a certain period?

Can you see these missing payslips in their profile?

Once you know which payslips your employee can't see, check to see whether you can see these payslips in P60s in Sage HR Online Services.

You can look for them in the Company payslips tab on your main menu, or from the Payslips and P60s tab in the employee's profile.

I can't see the payslips listed either

If you can't see the payslips or P60s listed, you can easily re-upload these so they're available to view online for your employee

I can see the payslips listed

If the payslips and P60s are listed that the employee states they can't see, please ask them to try the following troubleshooting steps

  • Try a different internet browser

  • Clear cookies and cache in their internet browser

  • Try a different device. So if using the Sage HR app on their phone, find out if they can view them on a computer or tablet.

    📎NOTE: If they're using their phone, but not using the Sage HR app, please ask them to download and use the Sage HR app to view and download their payslips.

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