When you create an employee in Sage HR Online Services you have the option to send the new employee information across to Sage 50cloud Payroll. You can then import this employee information to automatically create the new starter in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

We'll explain how to do this in the steps below.

Before you start

The option for Starters and Leavers is only available if you are using Version 2 of Sage HR Online Services.

  • To check which version of Sage HR Online Services you are using - Read more >

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Step 1 - Export starter information from Sage HR Online Services

  1. In Sage HR Online Services, on the main menu click Company, then click Add.

  2. Enter the employee's first name, last name, email address and start date.

    📎NOTE: Please make sure the email address is correct. We recommend to avoid using capitalisations.

    📌TIP: If you don't want to send the employee a welcome email at this point so they can set up their access to log in, clear the Send welcome email check box.

  3. Click Create account.

    You are presented with a form where you can enter the details to be imported into Sage 50cloud Payroll. If not required you can choose to skip.

    Please make sure the email address entered in the form is correct, and identical to the one used when creating the employee's profile in Sage HR Online Services.

  4. Once you have entered all the relevant information click Save.

    This information will transfer over to Sage 50cloud Payroll ready to be imported. Follow the steps below on how to do this.

If you skipped filling out their payroll details after you created the employee's account, when you click on their profile you see a message telling you they can't be found in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

To return to the employee record form for Sage 50cloud Payroll, click Send employee record to Sage 50cloud Payroll.

Step 2 - Import starter information into Sage 50cloud Payroll

  1. Once you have created the employee in Sage HR Online Services and sent the information across, open Sage 50cloud Payroll.

  2. Click Online Services then under Tasks click Import Employee Data.

    📌TIP: If you find this option is greyed out or you can't click it, this can be down to your access rights in Sage 50cloud Payroll- Read more >

  3. You are prompted to take a backup, we strongly recommend you do this before continuing on. To take a backup, click Yes.

  4. In Sage 50cloud Payroll the software then communicates with Sage HR Online Services to look for any starter or leaver information.

    If there is no Starters information to import the Starters box will say Up to Date!

    If there is information to import, the bottom of the Starters box will says Starters to Import.

  5. To begin the import for the starters information, in the Starters box click Starters to Import.

  6. This shows a list of all the starters ready to be imported.

    In this list you can apply filters and search in it , as well as click on the printer icon to print this list if required.

  7. If you click on the chevron on the employee, this opens up the information for that starter.

    You can make any amendments to the information here before you import them.

    You should not amend their email address. If you do, you'll need to remove and re-add them again in Sage HR Online Services with the new email address. This is because if you later upload their payslips after changing their email address, a new profile in Sage HR Online Services will be created automatically, rather than linking to the one you created.

  8. To import the employee select the check box next to their name. Alternatively select the check box at the top next to where it says Surname to select all the employees listed.

  9. Click Import.

    If you want to permanently remove employees listed and not import them, click Reject data.

  10. You are asked to confirm you want to continue, click Yes, then click Finish.

  11. Close the Import: Starters window. The Starters box now says Up to Date!

  12. Click Close.

  13. The employee(s) is now listed in you payroll ready to be processed.

Your employee profile in Sage 50cloud Payroll and their profile in Sage HR Online Services will not be linked until you upload their payslips for the first time.

It only links if the email address is the same. If they are not, a duplicate employee profile is created with the different email address. Read more >

In Sage HR Online Services even if you have imported the employee into Sage 50cloud Payroll, your message about the employee waiting to be approved in Sage 50cloud Payroll won't disappear until payslips have been uploaded to link their profiles together.

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