If you realised you made a mistake or you accidentally uploaded a payslip too early, it is possible to delete the payslip in Sage HR Online Services.

It's quick and easy to do, we'll show you how.

  1. Log in to Sage HR Online Services as an admin user.

  2. On the main menu on the left, click Company payslips.

    You see a list of your payslips, that shows either as Published or Pending.

How you delete the payslip or P60 depends on its status.

  • Published - Ppayslips and P60s that are published can only be deleted in the employee's profile

  • Pending - Scheduled payslips, which have a status of Pending until their publish date, can be deleted in Company payslips

Delete published payslips and P60s

If you need to delete a published payslip, this must be done from the employee's profile.

  1. Go to the employee's profile, then click Payslips & P60s on the profile menu.

  2. On the relevant payslip or P60, click on the three dots, then click Delete.

  3. You're prompted to confirm whether you want to delete it. Click OK.

The payslip is now no longer in Sage HR Online Services and can't be viewed by the employee..

📌TIP: You may want to inform the employee that you've deleted a payslip, as they may have been informed they have a payslip to view, then can't see it when they log in because you've deleted it.

Delete a pending payslip

  1. Select the relevant pending payslip(s), then click Delete.

  2. You are asked to confirm whether you want to delete. Click Delete [number] payslip(s).

The payslip no longer shows.

📌TIP: If you deleted the payslip because you scheduled it for the wrong day, you can easily reschedule it.

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