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Correct a pay run - Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)

Sometimes mistakes happen. This article covers what you need to do to correct a pay run which has been submitted. (Canada only)

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Before you start

Before you can correct a pay run you will need to have finalized and submitted a pay run.

What is a pay run revert?

A revert will open the selected pay run for editing. You will have full pay run functionality in the selected pay run.

Why do you want to revert?

You may want to revert if you made a mistake in a pay run, haven't paid employees or distributed payslips yet, and want to correct the mistake.

You may have missed something in a previous pay run but have paid employees and/or distributed payslips.

What will happen?

Any reports and submissions generated for the pay run will need to be regenerated.

Any additional pay runs linked to the pay run will be reverted.

Other transactions like employee terminations and leave will be reverted.

How to revert a pay run

After you have created and processed a pay run:

  1. Select Pay Run from the Payroll menu.

  2. Select All Pay Runs.

  3. From the Completed Pay Runs tab, find the pay run you want to revert.

  4. Select Revert Pay Run.

  5. Confirm you want to revert by selecting Revert Pay Run.

  6. You can now select Process Pay Run and make the required changes.

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