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Process leave and holidays in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)
Process leave and holidays in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)

This article explains how to process employees holidays. (Canada only)

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If one of your employees has taken holiday, or has not been at work due to another type of absence, you need to reflect this in the appropriate pay run.

Adding this information to your pay run ensures you have a record of the time off, and helps to calculate the correct amount of pay and tax.

Having a clear record of the type of absence will also show in your employee's payslip, so they can see the calculations too.

Leave and holidays are added to an employee's earnings within a pay run.

To process this:

  1. From within your pay run, select the employee you want to add leave or holidays to, then enter values against Statutory Holiday or Vacation as required.

    The types of leave and holiday components that are available by default are calculated using an hourly rate. If your employees are paid using a different rate, you can set up a new pay component and use the appropriate rate. For help with this see Create and edit pay components

  2. Adjust the other earnings values as required. For example, you may need to reduce their paid earnings.

  3. Save your changes.

If you are unsure about your employee's entitlement to leave and holidays, you can find more information on the CRA website.

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