Set up practical tasks

Create practical task templates that can be selected when you add a position in Recruitment.

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When you add a position when using the Recruitment module, one of the steps includes being able to add a practical task.

If you have common practical tasks as part of your recruitment process, to save you time you can create Practical task templates that can be selected, rather than create a new one each time.

These practical tasks are then emailed to the applicant at the relevant stage.

Create a practical task template

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Recruitment, then click Practical tasks.

  3. Click Add new.

  4. Enter a title.

  5. Enter an Email Subject.

  6. Enter the description of what the practical task is.

    You can use variables to help personalise the email.

  7. If you have any attachments required for this practical task, you can drop the file in the box, or you can click Drop files here or click to upload to browse to the file and select it.

  8. When ready, click Save.

The new practical then shows listed under Practical tasks.

You can edit or delete this practical task.

This practical task shows under Template the next time you add a position.

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