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Provide pay statements for your employees - Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)
Provide pay statements for your employees - Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)

As an employer, you must provide each of your employees with a paper or electronic pay statement on or before each employee’s pay day.

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With Sage Business Cloud Payroll you can create pay statements based on the information in the pay run.

A pay statement is a record provided to each employee that explains how their pay was calculated. It contains their rate of pay, income, and deductions. They can be produced for a single employee, for multiple employees or for the whole pay run.

Before you create pay statements

To have access to pay statements, first you need to complete a pay run for the employees and time period you want to create the pay statements for.

If you are unsure how to do this, we have a help article that explains how to process a pay run. Process a pay run.

Create pay statements

Pay statements are created as a PDF. To get them to your employees, you can choose whether to email or print them.

Pay statements are created from the Payments tab. This is always accessible from Payments at the top of the screen.

If you are at the Confirmation stage of a pay run, you can also access the Payments tab by selecting Go to Payments.

To create a pay statement:

  1. From the Payments tab, from the left-hand side, select the required pay run. To help you find the right pay run, the date and pay group associated with the pay run are shown.

  2. Select the payment method for your employee, either Cheque or Cash.

  3. Select the employee, then Print Pay Statements.

  4. If you have already printed pay statements that included this employee, to print them again, select View then Reprint Cheque.

  5. You now need to send the pay statement to your employee. You can either save the PDF and attach it to an email you send to your employee, or print the pay statement and mail or give your employee a copy.

Keep adequate records

As an employer it is your responsibility to maintain payroll records relating to all your employees, including managers and salaried employees.

Each pay statement forms part of your employees annual T4 figures. If you ever need to investigate the values on a T4, you can look at the Payroll Detail report or the pay statements to see where the figures came from.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll is a cloud-based product, meaning all your Payroll data is securely held away from your computer. This helps make sure you can access pay statement information for your employees whenever and wherever you need it.

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