When you try to add an employee manually in Sage HR or Sage HR Online Services (UK only), you may get the following error:

'Email already taken, if you think this has happened by mistake please contact support.'

This occurs if the employee has used this email address for another company before that uses Sage HR or Sage HR Online Services (UK only).

We'll run you through your options for what to do if you get this error.

You have three options to resolve this error:

1. Employee provides a different email address

If your employee gives you a different email address to use, you can then add the employee using that email.

2. Employee contacts their previous employer

If you ask your employee to contact their previous employer, they will need to ask them to terminate and delete their profile from their ex-employer's company in Sage HR. When they've done this, you'll be able to use this email address to add them.

3. Upload a 'dummy' payslip (Sage HR Online Services only)

If you use Sage HR Online Services and integrate with Sage 50cloud Payroll (UK only), you can resolve this error by uploading a 'dummy' payslip.

So for example you can upload a payslip with a value of 1p to import your employee from Sage 50cloud Payroll into Sage HR Online Services. Your employee will now be successfully added into Sage HR Online Services with the email address you couldn't manually add them with before.

For steps on how to upload a 'dummy payslip' - Read more >

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