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Sage HR Newsletter - April 2022
Sage HR Newsletter - April 2022

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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We have some handy tips and best practice to share with you this month.

We'll run you through how you can set up your employee permissions to be as strict as possible, in case you don't want employees to be able to see other employees' details in Sage HR.

Other tips we'll run through are:

  • Use notes to attach confidential documents to an employee's profile.

  • Draw a specific person's attention to an announcement or a comment on a post.

  • Manually add carried over leave from the previous holiday year.

Let's take a look at these now.

Set up strict employee permissions

In employee permissions, there are different settings that you can use to amend what an employee can or can't see in Sage HR. Depending how you have permissions set up, it is possible for employees to be able to see other employees and their shared public details, such as their email address.

If, for example, you don't want employees to be able to see other employees' email addresses, because they show a personal email address rather than a work one, you can adjust your permissions to hide email addresses, or even prevent employees seeing other employees in the first place.

Attach documents to an employee's record

It is possible to upload documents for an employee to view and access, however there may be times you want to attach a confidential document to an employee's record that you don't want the employee be able to see, and only be accessible to their manager.

To do this, use the Notes function in an employee's profile. This allows you to attach documents to an employee's profile that can be downloaded, and crucially not be seen by the employee themselves.

Draw attention to announcement

Announcements are a great tool to communicate messages to your whole company. If you want to draw attention to an announcement to someone in particular, you can mention them in a comment, or even the announcement itself when you create one.

This tags and notifies them with a direct link to the post.

Manually add carried over leave from 2021/2022 into 2022/23

If you haven't set your policies to carry over allowances from the previous holiday year, you can still do this manually retrospectively. This ensures balances are brought forward into the new current holiday year.

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