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I can only see part of my payslip on my phone - Sage HR Online Services
I can only see part of my payslip on my phone - Sage HR Online Services
If you can't see all of your payslip or P60 on your phone, make sure you're using the Sage HR app, not your mobile internet browser.
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When trying to view your payslips (wage slips) or P60s on your phone, if you are logged into Sage HR Online Services via your phone's mobile browser, such as Safari on an iPhone or Chrome on an Android, you may only be able to see half your payslip and unable to scroll across the right to see the rest of your payslip details.

See example below:

To be able to view your payslips properly and download payslips when on your phone, you must download and use the Sage HR app.

Once you've installed the app and logged in, for steps on how to view your payslips and P60s on the Sage HR app - Read more >

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