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How to access and manage your goals on the Sage HR app.

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You can access your goals on the Sage HR app.

To get to your goals:

  1. Press Workspace.

  2. Press Goals.

You'll then be able to see your personal goals, and you will also be able to see your Company and Team goals if those are linked to your personal goals.

📌TIP: Use the bar at the bottom to toggle between the three different types of goals.

What can you do?

  • You can filter your list of goals.

    • This can be by period i.e. Q1, Q2 etc.

    • By date

    • By goal status

      📌TIP: Press Reset to go back to the default state.

  • You can tap on a goal and see a goal's details, its key results, and its linked goals.

  • You can update a key result's progress.

  • You can freeze a key result - If frozen, a key result won't participate in the goal evaluation and its weight will be distributed.

    You can undo this action by pressing Unfreeze.

  • You can see goal's progress and update it accordingly.

  • You can see goal activity, filter by comments, updates, attachments.

  • You can add a comment to goal, and check other comments for a key result, adding further comments yourself if required.

  • You can complete a goal.

    When completing a goal you can clarify the results, the completion date, add comments, as well as add any necessary attachments.

  • You can see when a goal is completed

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