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Create and edit an employee in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)
Create and edit an employee in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada)

This article explains how to create and edit employee record in Sage Business Cloud Payroll (Canada only).

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Employees in Sage Business Cloud Payroll are a record of your employee's personal details, including their employment information and everything to do with their pay. You can create and edit these records from the Employee tab.

Create an employee

You should have an employee record for everyone you pay. You can't include someone on a pay run without an employee record so it's important you set up all your employees first.

To add a new employee:

  1. From the Employee tab, select Add New Employee.

  2. Enter the employee's details on each of the tabs, then select Save.

    If you've missed some information or some of it wasn't valid, you'll get a message explaining what you need to do.

The employee record has lots of standard information you can ask the employee to provide for you. We've explained the options that are less common below:


Employee type - Select from Full Time, Part Time or Contractor. If you are unsure whether the person you're paying should be classed as a contractor, you can check the CRA guidance on their website.


Employee number - This is the number you give to your employee to help identify them. If you have several employees with similar names, their employee number can really help.

Province of Employment - Where your employee is employed. This may be different from where your company is based.

Employment Code - This is used for your T4 filing. If your employee has a specific role, you may need to change this code from the default value.
If you are unsure, you can find more information on the CRA website.

Vacation Rate (%)

Vacation entitlement

Vacation Rate (%)

2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks



Pay Frequency

Pay Group - The available pay groups are filtered based on the pay frequency you've selected.

Tax details

The tax details required for your employee are split into 2 sections:

  • Section 1 is for all employees based in Canada.

  • Section 2 is based on the Province of Employment you enter on their Employment tab.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll is automatically updated to use the latest tax information. You should only change the default values if you are advised to do so by the CRA.


CPP (Employee Contribution) - For more information about the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), visit the CRA website

EI (Employee Premium) - For more information about Employment Insurance (EI), visit the CRA website

Federal Income Tax - For more information about Federal Income Tax, visit the CRA website

Additional withholding amount - If you need to enter an additional withholding amount for your employee, speak to the CRA to check what you should enter.

Override Basic Personal Tax Credit Amount - For more information about the basic personal tax amount, see the CRA website


If you are unsure how to apply provincial taxes to your employee, for a list of each province's support pages, refer to the CRA website

Edit an employee

To change an existing employee's details:

  1. From the Employee tab, select the employee you want to edit.

  2. You can then select whether to edit the Employee Details or their Payslip Template Values.

Employee Details

Edit the employee information as required, then select Save.

Changes to employee information do not affect completed pay runs.

Payslip Template Values

Add, edit or delete items from the employee's default payslip.

You can then save the changes to the employee's personal template or to the template for their pay group. If you save the changes to the pay group template, they affect all employees in the pay group from the next pay run.

Changes to employee and pay group templates do not affect complete pay runs.

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