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You can use the Sage HR app to complete feedback that you've been asked to provide.

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If you have been sent a survey to complete in Sage HR, you can fill this out on your phone using the Sage HR app.

  1. When you've been asked to give feedback it shows listed as one of your tasks on your home screen.

  2. Tap on the Give feedback to open it.

  3. Follow the on screen prompts and answer the questions accordingly.

  4. To go to the next question tap Next.

    If you want to change answer to a previous questions, tap Previous.

    📎NOTE: You might have optional fields that you can complete. Some choices, for example scale ratings may require a mandatory comment. These will have an * next to them. If you need to remove answer tap Clear your answer.

    📎NOTE: If you leave a giving feedback before you finish it, your answers are saved so you can come back to finish it later.

  5. Once you reach your last question, tap Finish to complete the survey.

  6. When you complete a survey, the app will inform you that survey has been submitted and how long it took you to fill it in.

    The completed survey now no longer appear in your tasks.

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