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Sage HR Newsletter - February 2022
Sage HR Newsletter - February 2022

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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February may be the shortest month of the year, but often it doesn't feel like there is any less HR admin to do. As always, we'll provide you with some tips and best practice that you might not have been aware of to help you process in Sage HR.

In this month's edition we run you through how you can set up reminders about time off requests that haven't been approved yet, how to create new termination reasons for when you terminate an employee in Sage HR, and also how to prevent a user from being able to log in to Sage HR if required.

Time off request reminders

When time off requests are made, depending on your settings, usually they require approval from a designated time off approver. This could be their manager for example.

During a busy day it can easily happen that a time off request hasn't been noticed and still hasn't been approved for an employee. A handy function is the ability set email reminders for time off approvers who still have time off requests pending that they haven't actioned yet.

Termination reasons

When you terminate an employee, you have to select a reason for termination. If you feel the one of termination reasons that show by default aren't applicable or relevant, it is possible to edit them or even create new reasons to choose from going forward.

Prevent a user being able to log in

You may not be aware, but there is a setting that can be selected in a user's Sage HR profile that prevents them logging in.

This can be useful to apply if you suspect their security has been compromised, or you are setting up a new employee's profile and don't want them to be able to log in to Sage HR until you're ready for them to do so. You can do this for one user, or even amend access for multiple users in one go.

It is also worth being aware of this setting as it can explain why an employee is having issues logging in if their access has been disabled.

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