The holiday information that shows on payslips comes from the Employee record in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

  • Employee record > Absence > Holidays > Entitlement

If you don't use Sage 50cloud Payroll to keep holiday balances up to date, for example, you use the Sage HR Leave Management module to track employee time off, you might not want incorrect Sage 50cloud Payroll holiday balances showing on payslips.

Currently it is not possible to remove a holiday balances from payslips in Sage HR Online Services, but you can amend it so that the balance just shows as 0. Then you can inform your employees not to base their allowance on what shows on the payslip.

📌TIP: If you use the Sage HR Leave Management module, employees can view their holiday balance from their profile in Sage HR Online Services - Read more >

To zero out these figures, you can remove the employee from the holiday scheme in Sage 50cloud Payroll. We'll run you through how to make payslips holidays balances show as zero in the steps below.

To amend one employee

  1. In Sage 50cloud Payroll, open the employee record.

  2. Click Absence, then click Holidays.

  3. Click Entitlement.

  4. Click on the dropdown by Scheme Number, and change the current number to 0.

  5. Click OK.

To amend multiple employees

  1. On your employee list, select the relevant employees.

  2. Click Tasks, then click Global Changes.

  3. Click Holidays, then click Assign Employee(s) to Scheme Number...

  4. Next to Which scheme do you want to allocate?, click on the drop down and select None.

  5. Click OK

This removes the scheme from all employees that were selected, and all their figures will show as 0 on future payslips.

📎NOTE: This does not work retrospectively, only for future periods.

If you require further help with any of these steps, you must contact Sage 50cloud Payroll support.

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