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Check status of onboarding tasks
Check status of onboarding tasks

How to get an overview of onboarding tasks and see whether they are active, upcoming or completed.

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You can use Onboarding reports to get a quick overview of employees being onboarded, what their onboarding tasks are and the status

  1. On the main menu click Reports.

  2. Click Onboarding.

You can then view Onboarding Overview or Onboarding Tasks


If you click Overview under the Onboarding reports, this can quickly you information on the following;

  • Active tasks

  • Employees in onboarding

  • Upcoming tasks

  • Completed in last 30 days

  • Starters in last 30 days with no tasks

You can drill into these for to see more information by clicking on the number centre of the panel.


This report provides information on onboarding tasks.

By default all employees show, but you can select an individual employee to see just their tasks, or you can filter down by teams and/or location too.

On this report there are three tabs:

  • Active tasks

  • Upcoming tasks

  • Completed tasks

Select the relevant tab to view those. This allows you to see the status of those tasks,

If required, you can edit or delete the tasks at any time.

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