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Can't find a document

What to do if you can't see a document that you've been sent.

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When a document is uploaded and shared with you, you can access this via the Documents tab in your profile.

If a document you're looking for isn't in your Documents section, this could be because of the following reasons:

  • The document hasn't been shared with you

  • The document has been deleted

  • It's an eSignature document that must be accessed via the My Tasks widget on your dashboard

  • You're trying to access an eSignature document on the Sage HR app.

Please contact your HR admin so they can investigate this. They can reshare a document or confirm the type of document it is if required.

📎NOTE: If you can't find a document you need to electronically sign, make sure you're looking for it on the My Tasks widget on your dashboard.

eSignature documents don't appear in the Documents tab on your profile.

eSignature documents also can't be accessed on the Sage HR app. If this is the document you can't find, access Sage HR via the website version instead of the app.

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