If you have moved to Sage HR Online Services v2 from a previous version of Online Services, some employees who have left your company may appear again as active employees after the update.

Can I remove them?

To resolve this, all you need to do to remove these employees that have reappeared is to terminate them.

We'll run through with you how to do these steps below.

Before you start

If required, you can amend your employee permissions in Sage HR Online Services to allow terminated employees to access payslip. They will be able to access payslips up to a year after their termination date. If you want them to have this access, make this amendments now before you to do the rest of these steps.

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Terminate employees

There are two ways to terminate employees.

  • Via each employee's profile - We recommend this if you only need to terminate less than 10 employees

  • Via an import template - We recommend this as an option if you need to terminate over 10 employees, and you think going into each profile individually will take too long

Terminate individual employee

This is the easiest way to terminate someone in Sage HR Online Services.

  1. Just go onto their profile, on the Employee tab scroll down to the bottom.

  2. Click Terminate.

  3. Enter their Last working day, a reason for leaving, then click Terminate.

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Terminate via an import template

  1. Logged in to Sage HR Online Services, on the main menu click Reports.

  2. Click Employee data, then click Payroll employee export.

  3. Under Start date select Before from the dropdown, then enter today's date next to it.

  4. Leave all other fields as All, or filter them if required.

  5. Click Generate. After a few seconds, this produces a report underneath.

  6. Click Download to export the report to Excel.

  7. Open the exported excel file.

  8. On this spreadsheet, find the employees that have left.

    In Step 11 you'll need to copy and paste the leavers' details from the following columns into an import spreadsheet:

    • Column A - Forename

    • Column B - Surname

    • Column H - Work Start date (DD/MM/YYYY format)

    • Column L - Email Address

  9. Back in Sage HR Online Services, on the main menu click Company, then click Import.

  10. Click Download template.

  11. Copy the information in the spreadsheet shown in step 8 for the employees that have left , then paste it into the import sheet downloaded in step 10.

    • Column A - First name

    • Column B - Last name

    • Column C - Work email
      📎NOTE This must match the email of the profile already in Sage HR Online Services.

    • Column E - Employment start date

  12. Scroll right to column Z, which the field says Status.

  13. Enter Terminated in this column for each leaver.

    📎NOTE: The T must be capitalised.

  14. Enter the termination dates in column AA. This should be the date they left.

  15. Save the file.

  16. In Sage HR Online Services, on the main menu click Company, then click Import.

  17. Click Select file, then browse to where you have saved the completed import template and select it.

  18. Once attached, click Import.

These employees should no longer appear in your active list of employees in your company directory, and now appear in your terminated employees report:

  • Reports > Employee data > Terminated employees

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