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Sage HR Newsletter - August 2021
Sage HR Newsletter - August 2021

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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We hope you are enjoying your summer! In this month's newsletter, we have some hints and tips regarding how to enable a setting so employees can cancel their time off request, a useful checklist for current Sage HR app features, and how you can link uploaded expenses to previous time off, such as a business trip.

Allow an employee to be able to cancel their time off

A common query that comes through to us is an employee being unable to cancel a time off request they have made. This can be because they have tried to cancel it on the day of their requested time off. However it can also be because a setting has been disabled in employee permissions.

If you would like employees to be able to cancel their time off request themselves to the process quicker, it's easy to enable - Read more >

What features are available on the Sage HR app?

The Sage HR app is a companion app to use alongside Sage HR on a computer. There are many useful functions that employees can do on the app, such as request time off, upload expenses, view shifts etc.

However not all features available when using Sage HR on a computer via a web browser can be done on the app.

If you have an employee unable to see or do something on the app, get them to check our guide that lists the current functionality, as it could be they need to log in via a web browser instead. Any new updated features will be added to this guide as they come out.

Link an expense to a business trip

In the expenses module, when you upload expenses to be approved, a handy feature also is the ability to link the uploaded expense to time off you have taken.

For example, if you had approved time off under a time off policy you created for business trips, you could link your train ticket expenses to this approved business trip.

For steps on how to do this - Read more >

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