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New look Sage HR
New look Sage HR
Sage HR has had a makeover.
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To make Sage HR easier to use, we've made an improvement to its design. This change makes Sage HR easier to navigate, and it will feel more familiar to other Sage products you may be used to using.

How it looks

Below is the Sage HR you will have been used to seeing:

Below is what the new Sage HR design looks like:

There is nothing you need to do update the design, we will let you know when it will be changing if your Sage HR hasn't changed already.

Are there any feature changes?

Nearly everything will still be the same, just with a new look. The only new functionality that comes with this update is an improvement to the onboarding process if you have the Core HR module.

New employees will have a new Your onboarding page that appears on their Sage HR whenever they have new and uncompleted onboarding tasks - Read more >

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