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Your onboarding page

See everything you need to do when onboarding as a new employee.

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Whenever you as a new employee have a new or uncompleted onboarding task assigned to you, a Your onboarding tab appears on your main menu.

This page provides you information about your profile, your team, your direct manager, your tasks and more.

What is on this page?

Your company profile

This section shows your name, position and a link to your employee profile if you click View full profile.

There are also two widgets, one to allow you to upload a company profile photo another to fill in your personal information, if you have been given access to do so.

Useful resources

This section tells you which team you are in, who your direct manager is, and if you have one, who your onboarding mentor is, who is there if you have any questions about what to do.

You also have useful links for quick access to your employee profile, company org chart, your team calendar, and to your directory listing other employees in the company.

Onboarding checklist

This section shows you which tasks you still have to do. Once done, you can click ✔️ Complete. Completed tasks then move into the Completed tasks collapsible section.

The progress bar begins filling up once you start completing onboarding tasks.

Help from mentor

If you have an onboarding mentor, when on a task, you can click Help to request help from your mentor.

Fill out the details of what you need help with, then click Send help request.

Your mentor will be notified by email that you need help.

How long do I have access to this page?

This tab will appear for as long as you have outstanding onboarding tasks. Once all completed the Your onboarding tab disappears. It will reappear whenever a new onboarding task comes up for you to complete.

Can I see my onboarding tasks any other way

Yes, as well as this page you can see your onboarding tasks on the My tasks widget on your dashboard, as well as the Onboarding tab on your profile menu.

You can also see details about your direct manager, team, onboarding mentor on your Employee tab of your profile menu.

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