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Re-adding a returning leaver - Sage 50 Payroll integration

What to do if you rehire an employee that previously left and you integrate with Sage 50 Payroll (UK only).

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From Sage 50 Payroll v29.02 and above, when you use the same email address for a returning leaver, the first time you upload their payslip you see a message that the email address is used for an existing employee. This is likely to be from the employee's record from their previous employment.

You have two options:

Use a new email address

This creates a new Sage HR profile under a new email address.

Use the 'Replace Existing Employee' option

This links the employee's terminated Sage HR profile with their new payroll record instead of their old payroll record. This takes them out the Terminated Employees report in Sage HR to make them an active employee again, replaces their old payslips/P60s with their new payslips keeping all their previous Sage HR information.

📌TIP If an employee requires payslips and P60s from their previous employment, you can provide these via Sage 50 Payroll.

Find out more about this procedure in our Sage 50 Payroll guide.

📎NOTE: If this process in Sage 50 Payroll doesn't work please contact Sage 50 Payroll support or follow the steps in the workaround section at the bottom of this Sage 50 Payroll guide:

Re-add a returning leaver to Sage HR Online Services

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