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Sage HR Newsletter - June 2021
Sage HR Newsletter - June 2021

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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In this month's newsletter we provide you information on some handy features you may not have been aware of, including a new feature called Project Timesheets.

Project Timesheets

Projects timesheets is a new feature in the timesheets module of Sage HR to help track hours spent on certain projects, tasks, or areas of focus.

If you have the timesheets module, this is useful for things such as wanting to track how many hours have been spent on e.g. a specific marketing campaign or a construction project.

To find out more about project timesheets and how to set it up - Read more >

Custom fields

Customs fields are very useful if you need additional fields for information in an Employee's EMPLOYEE or PERSONAL tab on their profile that is not covered by the fields that are there by default.

For example you may want a field for their work Twitter handle or bank account details.

For more information on how to create a custom field - Read more >

Clock in and out for work

As part of the Timesheets module, rather than employees manually entering when they started or finished work retrospectively, you can enable a clock in and out feature. This can provide an accurate measure of hours worked by employees. On the new Sage HR app they can even clock in and out on their phone!

For more information on setting up clocking in using Sage HR - Read more >

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