If you set up Sage HR Online Services with a specific email address, but that same email address is then used for an employee listed in Payroll that you import into Sage HR Online Services, this merges the admin and employee profile together meaning the employer and employee will not have separate profiles in Sage HR.

EXAMPLE: Sage HR Online Services is set up under [email protected]. An employee is created in Sage 50cloud Payroll (UK only) with [email protected] as their email address. Payslips are uploaded for the first time which imports that employee into Sage HR Online Services with that email address. The admin user email and employee email are now both [email protected].

Problems that arise as a result of this include:

  • Employer and employee do not have separate profiles in Sage HR

  • Admin profile now has employee's name details in Sage HR

  • Any payslips for the employee are directed to the Admin's profile

  • Employee cannot access their profile without the Admin's log in details

As stated in the set up guide, when you set up Sage HR Online Services you must make sure that this email address is not the same as one for an employee who will be listed in Payroll. There isn't a way to change the Payroll admin email address in your product retrospectively once it has been used to set up Sage HR Online Services in Sage 50cloud Payroll. This is why in the set up guide we recommend to use a future-proof or generic email address rather than a specific person's email address, and not to use that same email address for someone listed in Payroll. This is to avoid a Payroll admin and employee profile from merging.

What do I do next?

The only way the employee can access their payslips is to have the Payroll admin log in details, which you won't want to do as that allows the employee access to see all other employees' payslips.

The only solution is to delete the company from the Sage HR Online Services portal, then set up the company using a different and future-proof email address, ensuring it is not the same as one used for an employee listed in Payroll. For steps on how to do this - Read more >

📎NOTE: As explained in our set up guide, please ensure that this new alternative email address you re-setup with is future-proof to avoid this scenario occurring again. When re-setting up Sage HR Online Services, please read the steps in our guide - Read more >

If you require further assistance with the delete company process, feel free to contact Sage 50cloud Payroll support.

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