You set up Sage HR Online Services with a specific email address, which becomes the main administrator. If that same email address is used for an employee listed in Sage 50cloud Payroll that you import into Sage HR Online Services, this merges the admin and employee profile together.

Problems this causes include:

  • Main admin profile now has employee's name details in Sage HR Online Services.

  • Any payslips uploaded for the employee are directed to the main admin's profile.

  • Employee can't access their profile without the main admin's log in details.

  • An employee user now has access to view all other employees, including their payslips.

  • You can't change the email address for the merged profile.

  • You can't delete the employee in Sage HR Online Services because the main admin profile can't be deleted.

What do I do next?

Your options are the following:

  • If the employee profile that merged is one you are fine with having main admin access, you can continue as normal.

  • Delete your company and set up again - If you don't want to risk the merged employee having main admin access, or you are experiencing other issues caused by this merge, you have the option to delete the company from the Sage HR Online Services portal, then set it up again. When you set it up again you would then need to use a different and future-proof email address - Read more >

If you require further assistance with the delete company process, you can contact Sage 50cloud Payroll support.

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