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Sage HR Newsletter - May 2021
Sage HR Newsletter - May 2021

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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In this month's newsletter we provide you information on our new look app, handy information to provide to your employees if they ever have a problem trying to log into Sage HR, and how to make sure your time off policies are all set up ready for public holidays such as bank holiday weekends.

New Sage HR app

If you are already aware, we have introduced a new and improved Sage HR app available to download now by you and your employees. Keep an eye out also for new features that we will continually be adding to our new look app via updates.

For more information about the new version of the app - Read more >

If your employees want to know how to download the new app, send them this useful guide - Read more >

📎NOTE: The old version of the app is still available to download and install whilst we continue to make new additions to the new version of the app in future updates.

Ever have an employee unable to log in to Sage HR?

A common query we get are users unable to log in, almost always due to a simple reason such as they have used the wrong email address or have entered the wrong company subdomain.

We recommend you share our guide to your employees about what things to check if at any point they are unable to log in - Read more >

Have you set up Sage HR to incorporate Bank Holidays?

If you have upcoming bank holidays, such as Spring Bank Holiday in the UK, if you have the Leave Management module it is worth checking that you have these holidays in your Sage HR calendar and that employees are assigned to public holiday groups. It is also worth establishing whether your employees must manually request these days off as part of their time off policy.

For more information and examples of how to set up time off policies and time off allowances to include or exclude public holidays - Read more >

Help us to help you

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