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Sage HR Newsletter - March 2021
Sage HR Newsletter - March 2021

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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In this month's newsletter we look at useful features in Sage HR such as how to get another colleague to look at a document that needs their attention, how you can keep track of the salaries of your employees, as well as how to get your dashboard to look how you want.

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Request a document to be looked at

A great feature of Sage HR is the ability to be able to upload a document and notify another employee that they need to look at. This is very useful because it helps minimise scenarios where you are not sure whether another colleague has seen or even a received a document that they need to view.

Track employee salaries

You can use Sage HR to keep track of employees' salaries. Once you have the compensation feature activated in your Core HR module you can add their current salaries as well as their historic salary changes if it has changed since they started. For example if they have been promoted or changed roles.

Compensation is shown clearly with information both listed and also visualised with a chart.

For more information on how to set up compensation - Read more >

For more information on how to add compensation to an employee's profile - Read more >

Customise your dashboard

When you first set up Sage HR, understandably the priority is making sure settings and employees' profile information are set up correctly. However, do not forget that you and your employees can also amend how the Sage HR dashboard looks such as what information you want showing, how widgets on the dashboard are laid out, and even what background image you want to use.

Let us know how we've done

When you get in touch with our Sage HR experts via online chat, the time you take to rate your conversation with them goes a long way for us knowing what we have done well and how we can improve. If you found our advice helpful simply select 😃 or 🤩 and any further comments you have also are much appreciated.

Please be aware that the survey is about the service from the support technician, not the software.

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