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Sage HR Newsletter - February 2021
Sage HR Newsletter - February 2021

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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Welcome to February's Sage HR Newsletter. This month's edition will provide hints and tips on functions in Sage HR you may not have been aware that you can do. We will run through:

  • Tracking employees 'right to work'

  • Leave Management reports available to use and what they are for

  • Allow an employee to customise their date of birth visibility

  • Add notes onto an employee's profile

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Track your employees' 'Right to work' in Sage HR.

Most countries or jurisdictions have rules and laws that establish the conditions that allow a job applicant to work in a certain territory. This is usually called the 'Right to work'.

One of the newest features in Sage HR is to help keep record of your employees' right to work. In Sage HR you can;

  • Track the documents you have gathered as evidence of the right to work

  • Display and automate reminders for Managers when the right to work documentation is due to expire

  • Create reports to see which employee have the right to work status, expiry dates and missing information, based on the information provided.

For more information about 'Right to work' in Sage HR, including how to activate right to work tracking, upload documents, and set reminders - Read more >

Time Off reports

There are multiple Leave Management reports available in Sage HR to help you analyse and keep track of time off taken by employees. We have created a summary briefly explaining the purpose of each leave management report

Hide Date of Birth visibility from your employee profile

Someone with Sage HR admin rights can configure employee permissions to allow employees to select who can view their date of birth on their profile.

For more information on date of birth visibility - Read more >

Add notes onto an employee's profile

Administrators or team managers can create notes to add to an employee's profile. These are useful for writing confidential information regarding an employee, and by default notes can only be viewed by an admin or the employee's team manager, but you can amend the settings so that team manager's can't see them.

For steps on how to add a note - Read more >

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