If you have Sage HR integrated with Sage 50cloud Payroll, when you create an employee profile in Sage HR Online Services directly, the employee cannot view payslips until they have also been created in Sage 50cloud Payroll and their payslips have been uploaded.

If a user has not been linked to Sage 50cloud Payroll, one of the following message appears on their profile:

How to resolve this message

If this user doesn't need to be in payroll and view payslips, on their profile you can select This employee doesn't need to be in payroll, then click Save.

If the user does need to be in payroll and be able to view their payslips, this message will disappear once they have been created in Sage 50cloud Payroll, and you have uploaded their payslips to link their profiles together.

Step 1 - Create an employee in Sage 50cloud Payroll

If you haven't already you need to create the employee in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

📌TIP: You can use the Starters and Leavers feature to import the new employee and their information straight from Sage HR Online Services into Sage 50cloud Payroll - Read more >

  • To manually add an existing employee in Sage 50cloud Payroll - Read more >

  • To manually add a new starter in Sage 50cloud Payroll - Read more >

⚠️CAUTION: Make sure to create the employee with the same email address as in Sage HR. If an incorrect email is used, as a consequence a new separate employee record will be created in Sage HR when the payslips are uploaded.

Step 2 - Upload payslips

To link the employee's Sage HR Online Services profile with their Sage 50cloud Payroll profile, you need to upload their payslips. This could either be when you next upload their payslip for the current payroll, or you can upload historical payslips.

Once uploaded, provided the email address was the same, their profiles are now linked, and the message on their profile disappears. They can now also view their payslips.

Still not seeing payroll data?

After you create an employee and upload payslips in Sage 50cloud Payroll, sometimes it takes a while for this to sync with Sage HR so it is worth waiting 10 minutes then refreshing the page.

📎NOTE: Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.

Employee is in Sage 50cloud Payroll with same email address as Sage HR Online Services but still get message

If you still get this message even though you have the employee in both Sage HR and Sage 50cloud Payroll with the same email address, and you have uploaded payslips, please contact Sage 50cloud Payroll support.

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