This guide focuses primarily on the Sage HR payslips module and integration with Sage 50cloud Payroll.

Is there a guide for Employers?

Yes, you can find the Employer guide here >

I need to change an email address for one of my employees on Sage HR, how can I do this?

You can find detailed steps on how to do this here >

I need to add a new admin user to the portal, but they aren't an employee. How do I do this?

You can add an additional admin to see and do everything in the portal, however they will not be able to view all payslips, only their own. The only admin profile that can view all payslips is the email that is entered in:

Sage 50cloud Payroll > Online Services settings > Step 1.

This is the main admin profile created automatically by Sage 50cloud Payroll.

📎NOTE: This is why we advise in our set up Online Services guide to enter a generic shared email in Sage 50cloud Payroll > Online Services settings > Step1, which accessible by anyone in your payroll department.

To add a new admin user depends on whether user admin will be on the Payroll list of employees or not.

If they won't be you can add them directly in Sage HR - Read more >

If they will be you should create them as an employee in Sage 50cloud Payroll then upload them to Sage HR:

  1. Upload their payslip as normal to create their profile in the portal.

  2. Log into the portal as admin.

  3. Select company > Directory > Select the employee > Employee tab > Access level dropdown > Select administrator > Save

  4. You can choose if they have access to company settings if you click your name on the top right within the portal > Settings > Permissions > Admin > Select Can access settings.

⚠️CAUTION: You should not delete the original admin username if you add a new one to the portal.

Can I re-send the welcome email for my employees?

Yes, the welcome email will expire after 24 hours. If you need to resend the welcome email, you can find steps on how to do this here >

Do my employees receive notification emails when their payslips are uploaded?

No, they will only receive a welcome email when they are added to the service. Currently notification emails aren't sent when payslips are uploaded.

If you subscribe to the other Sage HR modules, you can set up announcements to let your employees know their payslips are ready.

Can I set my payslips to publish on a future date?

Currently no, when payslips are published they are published immediately. If you want payslips to publish on a specific date, you would need to publish them on that day.

Can I upload a P60 to Sage HR?

Yes, you can as part of the Payroll Year End process in Sage 50cloud Payroll - Read more >

Can an employee access their payslips after they have left the company?

Yes they can, but it is a setting you have to enable in Employees permissions.

When you select Allow employees to access payslips after termination you can allow a leaver to have access to payslips for either:

  • 7 days

  • 30 days

  • 1 year

📎NOTE: This is from their termination date in Sage HR.

Can holidays be removed from payslips?

No, currently this is not possible.

I've set up Sage HR but when my employees login they can see other employees. Is this normal?

Yes, by default when Sage HR is set up, the employee permissions are set to this:

'Employees assigned to a team can see all other employees from their team in the Company page. If an employee is not assigned to any team, they will see all employees in the Company page.'

You can also change this so that employees can see all employees regardless of team, or that employees can only see their own information.

You can find out more on how to change Employee permissions here >

Is there a knowledgebase for Sage HR?

Yes, there is a separate knowledgebase for all of the Sage HR modules, which can be accessed here >

How do I access support for Sage HR online services?

For queries with the Payslips module of Sage HR, you can contact Sage 50cloud Payroll technical support.

If you have queries with the other Sage HR modules, you can contact the Sage HR support team using the chat widget within Sage HR in the bottom right.

📎NOTE: There is no telephone support for the other Sage HR modules.

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